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It’s the newest trend in the fight against the signs of aging. This latest weapon is facial yoga, Happy Face Yoga to be precise. It was created by Gary Sikorski, a man of 50 who looks a lot less, who said he just got “tired of looking gray and old.”

Don’t let the yoga part of this confuse you; there is no gentle downward dog pose or sturdy warrior stance here. No, here there is fierce fighting going on and no parts of these female faces are left untouched.

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Wish you could look years younger? – Women’s World Magazine

“Happy Face Yoga” was, well, yoga for your face, designed to keep facial muscles toned and wrinkle-free.

“Does it really work?” Patti asked instructor Gary Sikorski.

“Absolutely!” he insisted. Muscles support the skin, he explained. No matter how great your skin is, if your facial muscles aren’t toned, you’ll look saggy and wrinkled. But after mastering easy facial “poses” that strengthen and lift muscles in the face, neck and scalp, many of his students saw such an improvement, they looked like they’d had a facelift!

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Get a firmer profile with face yoga – Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

His mouth forms a long O as Gary Sikorski folds his upper lip over his front teeth.

He smiles to make his cheeks lift, then lightly places his index fingers on the top of each one.

He relaxes his smile, then smiles again to lift his cheeks.

You’ve just witnessed a cheek “push-up.”

It’s all part of Sikorski’s Happy Face Yoga, a series of toning and strengthening exercises for the face.

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Got Crow’s Feet? Call the Downward Dog – New York Times

Gary Sikorski, who is certified in yoga facial toning, gives his Happy Face workshop in the Atlanta area. In a phone interview, Mr. Sikorski sounded, well, quite happy. He had just seen a graduate of his course, and, he said, “she had been practicing a lot on her own, and she looked amazing! The corners of her mouth were turned up, she looked younger and was absolutely glowing.”

The latest six-session series, he said, drew 25 seekers of his guidance for stimulating 57 muscles in the face, neck and scalp. Mr. Sikorski sent them home with a 33-page booklet, a CD and fact sheets on nutrition and vitamins.

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"After I had a stroke in 2006, my facial muscles were very slack and I did not think I would ever look the same. But then I met Gary and took his facial exercise class. I look younger now than I did before the stroke. Thank you Gary for giving me my face back." - Patti Hart (past student, featured in Woman's World Magazine)

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