The World's #1 facial exercise program! Facial exercises that bring a youthful vitality to your face! Face yoga with Gary Sikorski
Gary has now relocated Happy Face Yoga to the New England Area! Please contact him or check out the Seminar and Classes Page for upcoming Happy Face Yoga facial exercise classes.

Face Exercises For Better Face Tone

Presented by Happy Face Yoga

The DVD includes these 18 facial exercises.

#1 The Lion – warming up the facial muscles
#2 The Happy Face Lifter
#3 Scooping – jaw and neck firmer
#4 The Temple Flexor
#5 The Forehead Smoother
#6 The Lower Eyelid Firmer
#7 The Cheek Lifter
#8 The Top Furrow Remover
#9 The Eyebag Remover
#10 The Upper Face Lifter
#11 Happy Cheek Sculpting
#12 The Joker
#13 The Neck Smoother
#14 The Advanced Jowl Eraser
#15 The Crow’s Feet Smoother
#16 The Lower Face Firmer – Joker II
#17 The Advanced Chin Press
#18 The Advanced Lower Face Lifter

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Gary's Facial Exercise Program
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Rated the #1 Facial DVD! A wonderful way to learn 18 Facial Exercises! Easy to Learn! Beautifully filmed step by step classroom instructions. Also included is a bonus booklet on nutrition, vitamins, and tips for a more youthful you! It also makes a wonderful gift.

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REAL Testimonials - Real Customers

"I've stuck to your program and the results have been great to the whole face and neck area. My face is becoming firmer with a new glow. My cheeks have really lifted! The Temple Flexor has been like magic!" - Brendan, Email

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