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Seminars & Classes

Seminars and Classes are now available throughout the South Florida area. This page is updated often with the latest seminar and class updates.

Please contact Happy Face Yoga if you have any questions, we’re happy to help!


I’m always looking for places (studios, spas, etc) to offer my seminars. Or groups who may want to feature my seminar. If you have any interest in offering my seminar, please contact me!!

Please contact Gary for more info on these upcoming seminars, or contact studio to register:

June 15, 2019  –  Karma Yoga Studio, 1233 Westfield Street, West Springfield, MA

June 21, 2019   –  Faena Spa/Terra Santa Healing House, 3201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL


There are currently no classes. Please sign up for one of our packages instead.


A few frequently asked questions are answered below:

What Does The Happy Face Class Program Include?
  • Four-week classroom training sessions.
  • The Happy Face Yoga DVD and written instructions.
  • The importance of yoga breathing, and how to bring energy into your face.
  • Information on nutrition and supplements.
  • Information on good habits for the face.
  • Tips for success!
What will the Happy Face Yoga program do?
  • Exercise facial muscles to improve circulation!
  • Help to smooth or keep those wrinkles at bay!
  • Tone up the entire face – mouth, brow and cheek!
  • Relieve facial muscle tension for a youthful new look!
How can this program help?

This facial yoga program was developed to involve the entire face, scalp and neck. The muscles of these three areas work together like a machine, when all these ares are toned, the face will have a natural lift and a more youthful appearance.

When should I expect to see results?

You’ll see results within a matter of a few weeks as some of the muscles become toned. Other problems usually take several weeks to several months.