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Happy Face Yoga works - we have the science to prove it!

Facial Exercise Testimonials

“Happy Face Yoga…This is another winner!”

The Happy Face Yoga DVD is a facial-exercise training program that really works.
Please Note: Individual results may vary.

I must admit, for a long time I was (very) skeptical about any facial toning/strengthening exercises. My mom often talked about trying facial exercises years ago and I would laugh and tell her not to waste her time (sorry mom!!!) But I’ve change my mind and in a big way since I tried Happy Face Yoga. READ MORE

“I look younger now than I did before the stroke.”

“After I had a stroke in 2006, my facial muscles were very slack and I did not think I would ever look the same. But then I met Gary and took his facial exercise class. I look younger now than I did before the stroke. Thank you Gary for giving me my face back.” – Patti Hart (past student, featured in Woman’s World Magazine)

“most intense out of all the other DVD programs”

“The thing I like about this program is that Gary shows things the way they are, he doesn’t care about choosing young models like Tal R., for example. This facial exercise program is the most intense out of all the other DVD programs listed. A program like that would probably be very effective to tone your face. Very well explained.” – Amazon Customer Review

“I really felt the muscles burn”

“I have at least 5 different face exercises DVD’s, I received this one today and I really felt the muscles burn. I know if I follow Gary’s instructions and do all the reps I will see fast results. His models are middle aged women who I can relate to. Out of all the DVD’s I have this one I like the best.” – Karen Kessler, Hawaii, Internet Review

“Explanations are very clear”

“I have well received the dvd, on tuesday, and watched it today.  Your comments, explanations and demonstration are very clear.   I now have to discipline myself and learn the exercises!” – Agnes Durand, Paris, France, email comment

“I recommend this to anyone who needs a lift”

“It has only been 2 weeks but I can see and feel a difference. I am 47 and I will continue to do the exercises everyday. Once learned, you can do them anytime, anywhere. I recommend this to anyone who needs a lift in life and can’t afford the risk or money of plastic surgery.” – J. McGee, Illinios, Website Review

“your program is terrific”

“I was in the gym the other day and a lady I’ve known for years pulled me aside and asked who did my surgery! I told her it was all Happy Face Yoga. Gary, your program is terrific!” – Joanne, Past Student

“I feel so refreshed and happy”

“I recieved my DVD a few days ago and let me tell you, it is great. I feel so refreshed and happy after I do the exercises. You explain and display the exercises very well so I can feel confidentI am making the workout as effective and correct as possible. Thanks again, you are amazing.” – Emily Massey, Ojai California, Email

“Thank You for creating Happy Face Yoga”

“Thank You for creating Happy Face Yoga. I can hear your sincere belief in the visualization steps. Your program is excellent. I have tried 3 other facial exercise programs and yours is without a doubt the best. Thank You.” – Cindy Reaper, Illinios, Excerpts from Written Letter

“it is really working”

“…..and I recently followed advice of senior members here and got myself “Happy Face Yoga” with Gary Sikorski and it is really working and my cheeks plumed up, I’m very happy I found something that resolved this problem…..” – Angelic, Moscow, Comment on

“People…look shocked and pleasantly surprised”

“People who have not seen me for a while look shocked and pleasantly surprised. And that is after only 16 days. I want to be surprised after two months.” – Aisha Hud, United Kingdom, Email

“My face is becoming firmer with a new glow”

“I’ve stuck to your program and the results have been great to the whole face and neck area. My face is becoming firmer with a new glow. My cheeks have really lifted! The Temple Flexor has been like magic!” – Brendan, Email

“the results I achieved…are amazing”

“Gary, the results I achieved with Happy Face Yoga are amazing! The program is so easy to understand. God bless and keep up the good work!” – Kate, Email

“This is completely amazing”

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I can’t believe you have even created a program as to have facial exercise work so well! This is completely amazing.” – Carlos, Email

“Simply the Best”

“I have many exercise programs, but yours is simply the best!  Thank-you!  I gave you five stars on Amazon!” – Barbara Pederson, Email

“I did see results in just a few days”

“Thanks so much Gary. Not only am I amazed with the fast results, but also with your super fast response. By the way, I did see results in just a few days (not drastic results but enough for me to tell a difference). Thanks so much!” – Emily Yeo, Email

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"I was in the gym the other day and a lady I've known for years pulled me aside and asked who did my surgery! I told her it was all Happy Face Yoga. Gary, your program is terrific!" - Joanne, Past Student

(individual results may vary)